St. Peter’s Youth Club (SPYC) visit Tynemouth Life Brigade Watch Tower November 2017






AUTUMN FAYRE October 2017










LUNCHEON CLUB 3rd April 2017









Messy Church 26 March 2016







Messy Church 6th February










Messy Church 12th December 2015



SPYC Club  December 2015








Strawberries & Sparkle August 2014


Italian Evening 28th June 2014







Botswana Evening 22nd June 2014







Messy Church 21st June 2014





Messy Church 15 March 2014


SPYC 5th March 2014


Messy Church 15th February 2014








Messy Church Community Weekend 16th November 2013











Community Weekend from 15th – 17th November

FRIDAY 15TH – Craft Evening and Lindisfarne Gospel Music

Saturday Morning Messy Church 16th November 2013

Northumbrian Night – Saturday evening 16th November

Curate in the Kitchen!


Sunday Morning Worship followed by Faith Lunch – 17th November





Holiday Club – August 2013 – Joseph and his God made the Pyramids Rock







Mothers Union Garden Party July 2013










Pentecost 19th May 2013

Above: Lots of fun at Pentecost 19th May 2013



Above: Messy Church 4th May 2013


Above: Games Night April 2013



Above: Messy Church March 2013



Above: Silly Pension Party 8th March 2013 – many enjoying old fashioned games: Sticklepicks, Beetle, Snakes & Ladders,Tiddly Winks and more and some attended in their pyjamas!!


Above:  Revd. Rachel Squire’s Licensing to St. Peter’s at Church House March 2013


Above: Messy Church February 2013


Above: Bowling Afternoon with Juniors February 2013


Above:  Messy Church 1st December 2012