The people of St. Peter’s Church have recently described themselves using a variety of phrases.

We are a Eucharistic Community sustained by joining together to Celebrate Holy Communion as Jesus Christ himself commanded ‘Do this, in remembrance of me.’

We encourage Discipleship, each person, young or old are valued and supported within their personal journey of faith.

We seek for God’s presence in all that we do. We expect to find God in the day to day lives we lead, and to look for His presence in those we

meet and serve.

We try to be caring and compassionate. Our team of pastoral visitors provide home visits and bring Holy Communion to those unable to leave their homes. We have regular contact with local nursing and residential home residents who live in our Parish. We maintain strong links with the Chaplaincy team at North Tyneside general Hospital and seek to visit parishioners as soon as practically possible when they are in hospital. We enjoy visiting the schools in our Parish, of which there are eight, including two High Schools and one Special School. We support the bereaved and regularly host memorial services to maintain contact with families who have received funeral care.

We try to be Collaborative, working together, in small or large teams, on mundane or important tasks, we try to listen to one another, and to understand one another’s points of view. We encourage the ministry of all and nurture growth in confident discipleship.

We want our place of worship to be a place to activate our faith, and that encourages us to be shining as lights in the world. Each month we hold an All-Age Service and provide a welcome for visitors and young people. (See What’s on page) we use the space which we have creatively, lovingly and prayerfully.

We want to reach out, to our neighbours, to our local community and to the other churches in our area. We seek to support local Ecumenical initiatives and encourage both ordained and lay participation.

We offer to you, Welcome, Worship and Witness to the enduring love of God through Jesus Christ our Lord and the Holy Spirit.