St Peter’s places prayer at the centre of all that we seek to do, seeking to encourage all believers to grow in prayer and offering many different opportunities to do so. We promote individual prayer; some perhaps using a little book of daily reading and reflections, for other people Common Worship Daily Prayer is helpful. Others enjoy using Celtic Daily Prayer. Many web-based resources offer a daily liturgy. Morning prayer is said, in church, each day, by the clergy. Evening prayer is said regularly by the clergy, wherever they find themselves in the late afternoon. Evening prayer on a Sunday usually follows the Book of Common Prayer. Prayers of Intercession, (prayers for others) include prayers for the church, the world, our community, the sick, those who have died and to mark the anniversary of a person’s death. A prayer list is kept on the lectern and people are prayed for by name during our Sunday services and our Wednesday morning service. All people of the church are encouraged to contribute prayer requests and to offer to do so for those they meet in daily life. Prayer requests may be sent via this web site address to:     St Peter’s Local Ministry Development Team has recently been formed and has begun to meet for times of prayer and study. Our Healing Prayer Group meets in a variety of homes on the second Tuesday morning each month. Those on our sick lists are prayed for at this morning, as well as other requests for prayer. St. Peter’s Mother’s Union meet on the 2nd Monday each month at 2pm and begin their meeting with a short service. St. Peter’s Women’s Fellowship meet on the last Monday each month at 2pm and begin their meeting with a short prayer. St Peter’s Sunday School meets each week and those who attend are helped to explore what prayer means and how to pray.


Intercessions by Jan Porter

Dear Father
We pray for the Church throughout the world charged as it is with
proclaiming the good news of Jesus. We ask that all church members
are ready to bring light into the world and to take their part in growing
church and bringing hope. We pray for our Archbishops Justin and
Sentamu, for Christine and Mark our bishops and for all who in their
various callings minister in your name.
Lord graciously hear us.
We thank you for the beauties of Creation and pray for those whose
ability to appreciate these is clouded by natural disaster or human folly.
We pray for those caught up in wars and territorial disputes. We pray
that all refugees will find a safe haven.
Lord graciously hear us..
We thank you for all that is good in the communities where we live,
work and play. We pray for all who in their various callings serve those
around them. We pray that we may do our part in showing generosity,
openness and engagement. May we seek Wisdom and remain faithful
to your Word.
Lord graciously hear us.
We thank you for our Health service and our emergency services. We
pray for the sick in body, mind and spirit and ask that they receive
courage and hope in their troubles.
Lord graciously hear us.
We thank you for all who have nurtured and supported us and have
left their earthly life. We thank you that in your house there are many
rooms. We pray for all who have died and those who grieve for them.
Lord graciously hear us.
In November we especially remember the fallen and pray for peace.
Ever-living God,
We remember those whom you have gathered from the storm of war
into the peace of your presence;
may that same peace calm our fears,
bring justice to all peoples
and establish harmony among the nations.
Merciful Father
Accept these prayers
for the sake of Your Son,
our Saviour Jesus Christ Amen