St Peter’s places prayer at the centre of all that we seek to do, seeking to encourage all believers to grow in prayer and offering many different opportunities to do so. We promote individual prayer; some perhaps using a little book of daily reading and reflections, for other people Common Worship Daily Prayer is helpful. Others enjoy using Celtic Daily Prayer. Many web-based resources offer a daily liturgy. Morning prayer is said, in church, each day, by the clergy. Evening prayer is said regularly by the clergy, wherever they find themselves in the late afternoon. Evening prayer on a Sunday usually follows the Book of Common Prayer. Prayers of Intercession, (prayers for others) include prayers for the church, the world, our community, the sick, those who have died and to mark the anniversary of a person’s death. A prayer list is kept on the lectern and people are prayed for by name during our Sunday services and our Wednesday morning service. All people of the church are encouraged to contribute prayer requests and to offer to do so for those they meet in daily life. Prayer requests may be sent via this web site address to:     St Peter’s Local Ministry Development Team has recently been formed and has begun to meet for times of prayer and study. Our Healing Prayer Group meets in a variety of homes on the second Tuesday morning each month. Those on our sick lists are prayed for at this morning, as well as other requests for prayer. St. Peter’s Mother’s Union meet on the 2nd Monday each month at 2pm and begin their meeting with a short service. St. Peter’s Women’s Fellowship meet on the last Monday each month at 2pm and begin their meeting with a short prayer. St Peter’s Sunday School meets each week and those who attend are helped to explore what prayer means and how to pray.


Intercessions by Emma Doran

When I needed a neighbour, were you there, were you there?

Lord Jesus, we pray for the community around us, we pray that we can come
together to offer friendship and support. Help us to be united in serving and
helping each other. We pray for those who feel lonely and isolated and hope that
they may find companionship. We ask that you help us all to learn to love our
neighbours, as ourselves, and encourage us to show acts of kindness to both
friends and strangers.

I was hungry and thirsty were you there, were you there?

Lord Jesus, we pray for those who have to rely on foodbanks to get food and
provisions and we give thanks for those who work to improve the lives of others
in need. We pray that all of us can show generosity in giving what we can. We
pray for all those in continents where hunger and famine is widespread May
those who thirst receive clean water and may crops flourish and grow to feed the

When I needed a shelter were you there, were you there?

Lord Jesus, we pray for those who have had to flee their homes to get to safety in
war-torn places. For those looking for refuge, we pray that they may find
somewhere safe and warm. We pray for those who are homeless in this country,
those who have lost their homes through disagreement, poverty or redundancy.
May they be supported by the work of local charities so that their lives may be
improved and changed. We give thanks for the work of Shelter and Centrepoint
and hope that they continue to make a difference to those they help.

Wherever you travel, I’ll be there, I’ll be there?

As the school year comes to an end we pray for students and teachers as they take
their holidays. We pray that they may enjoy their recreation time and use it to
relax and refresh. We ask that you keep all those who travel safe in their
Wherever we are, may we all feel your presence with us.

And the creed and the colour and the name won’t matter I’ll be there?

We pray for the divided and fractured world, where people are persecuted
because of their race, colour, sexuality and religious beliefs. We pray for a time
when mankind can all live together in peace and harmony, showing
understanding and respect to each other. Help us all to be more tolerant of each
other and work to remove prejudices and misconceptions,
Lord Jesus, help us to remember that you are with us always. We pray that your
Holy Spirit works in each of us each day to transform us, guide us and help us to
do your will.